The Accountability Factor: Olga Pallares


Olga is a fully-fledged local, born and breed in Barcelona although with a family history that spans from the green and wild beaches of Galicia to the sun-kissed coasts of Andalucia. She speaks not only Spanish but also Catalan and Galician, as well as a little French and English vocabulary that is expanding by the day!

Olga is the cornerstone of our back office, handling all our numbers and taxes. Essentially all of the things that give creative event types headaches! She is the one we turn to for clarification and who makes our lives easier for which we will always be grateful. It´s her first time working for an events agency and she enjoys the open-minded, family style environment at Factor3, as well as the regular challenges we all provide her!

Outside of the office, Olga enjoys nothing more than travelling, experiencing new cultures and spending time with her family.

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