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Energy courses relentlessly through the imperial streets of Madrid – no other city in this world feels more alive! A sophisticated, cosmopolitan capital, Madrid has never outgrown its roots or forgotten how to have a good time. Astounding art galleries, pulsing nightlife, a feast of fine dining options and a welcoming population that have doctorates in the good-life. Everything Madrid does, it does big and bold. It will entrance your group and infect them with its vivacity.

The love of Madrid comes from discovery and connection with its many barrios (neighbourhoods) and the appreciation of their diverse, often contradictory personalities that together express the true passion that is Spain. Historic Los Austrias and majestic Salamanca will vie for attention against flamboyant Chueca, ethnic Lavapies, the fun-loving La Latina and artistic Barrio de las Letras, but all offer something to be enjoyed.

For a congress of 20.000, or anything smaller, you´re in the right place! Madrid offers a whole host of venues suitable for large-scale events and can provide 200,000 square meters of exhibition space. Its airport is directly accessible from over 190 cities worldwide and it offers a whole host of 4 and 5 star hotels alone. It´s also  the proud home of 3 world renowned museums and numerous Michelin star restaurants. Football, fashion and flamenco provide focus for themes and activities. From Belle Epoque to Baroque, Madrid is a stunning city with 3 UNESCO sites within its boundaries and a further 3 – Toledo, Segovia and Avila – that make for great day trips.

Hedonistic Madrid indulges in the pleasure of dining as the aforementioned Michelin Stars attest to. It has embraced the innovative creativity of Spain´s new gastronomic revolution, whilst remaining true to its old enduring flame of traditional Spanish cooking and even lays claim to the oldest restaurant on earth!

This city has a musical soul, more bars than any other in the world, and it never, ever stops. Even when most Madrileños are off to work, the party is still pumping somewhere, the dancing continuing well past dawn. 




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