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With over two millennia of captivating history, it´s jewel-like coastline and singular vibrancy yet relaxed atmosphere, Spain´s third city has firmly established itself as the consummate destination.

Founded in the year 138 BC, Valencia is intrinsic to the history and culture of Spain as a whole, whilst retaining a fiercely distinct regional identity. Replete with Roman foundations and Moorish history, Valencia is a melting pot of cultural and architectural styles – a veritable feast for the senses. Its magnificent structures such as the Cathedral and the Serrano Towers are an absolute must-see. Yet, despite its deep roots in Spanish history, Valencia is a decidedly forward-thinking city, boasting ultra-modern institutions and structures such as the City of Art and Science. Here, the old informs the new in beautiful harmony.

Valencia is synonymous with Spain´s most famous dish: paella. Paella originated here, with the help of Valencia´s famously luscious produce, which can be enjoyed and pored over in the city´s many markets, such as the Central Market, and the Mercado Colon. Argue with a Valencian about the origins of paella at your own peril!

Additionally, since the America’s Cup, the most prestigious sailing competition worldwide, the city has become a popular destination for the well-heeled.

Step just outside the city to enjoy its lovely beaches, wineries or the pictureque rice-growing region of the Albufera; the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely boat trip on the lake or savour a delicious paella at one of its many restaurants.


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