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Wir sind Factor 3 Events

Wir arbeiten mit Event-Agenturen und Marken zusammen, um herausragende Erlebnisse und Live-Events zu kreieren, die eine Seite Spaniens zeigen, die auf die Endteilnehmer zugeschnitten ist und sowohl das Engagement als auch den Genuss maximiert.


Wir sind Experten für Events

Von der Konzeption bis zur Durchführung sind sowohl umfassende Veranstaltungen als auch die einzelnen Services, aus denen sie bestehen, darauf ausgelegt, alle Ihre Ziele zu erfüllen: von der Motivation bis zum Budget; vom kreativen zum erzieherischen und alles dazwischen.



Das wunderbare Spanien ist eines der meist besuchten Länder Europas und das aus gutem Grund. Mit Factor 3 Events können Sie die besten Lösungen für Ihre Veranstaltung auswählen.


Costa del Sol


Was über uns gesagt wird


Kim Williams

As a U.S. company who has worked with multiple DMCs throughout the world, I need to let you know just how great it was to work with Factor 3 Events!

When our client originally came to Barcelona, she initially met with another DMC. However, she didn’t feel like the venue recommendations were what they were looking for.

Upon contacting Factor 3 Events she instantly engaged with your company, and you rapidly and expertly identified the best venues for the project, providing an impressive selection of fabulous options! From that initial meeting, and throughout the preplanning and execution phases, everything was absolutely flawless! It was abundantly clear that you went out of your way, in every respect, to deliver an event of the highest caliber.

In short, the service at Factor 3 Events was exceptional and seamless, and your staff was an absolute joy to work with. The high level of professionality we experienced made the project run incredibly smoothly, and in particular we greatly appreciated the round-the-clock communication updating us on any changes, and by the clear-cut transparency of your budgets and ease of your processes in general.

We cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us!

Colleen Healy

Working with Factor 3 Events on this run-up to the complex kickoff event for our client was seamless. Communication was effective, all inquiries addressed and questions answered in a timely manner. Despite the multiple channels involved, we did not miss a beat. Factor3 made tough decisions seem simple too.  On site, the Factor3 team were present on the set-up and live event day, start to finish. We executed a flawless walkthrough with the client, and the team was always ready to help with any last minute requests, such as multiple kosher meals requested on site to be delivered in minutes … and post event: I have already received my final invoice. This makes reconciliation so much easier for me which is extremely appreciated as I move into my next events.

For our two internal team receptions, the Factor3 team and I made quick decisions allowing us to wrap up these dinners far ahead of onsite dates. I got all of the answers that I needed within days. We were able to customize menus at both venues, which the client was very happy about. The clients cannot say enough great things about these two dinner events. I am so grateful for Factor3’s help in making these such a hit.

My Factor3 team were true professionals and extremely good at what they do, and always had a smile on their face. Their quote was “how can I help”, and it put me truly at ease throughout these events

Thanks again and looking forward to future events with Factor3.  All the very best.

Lex Butler

I wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with Factor 3 and both of you individually. Nothing was ever too much trouble for you, you dealt with the multiple countries and multiple requests with ease, grace and with such support. It felt like you were all part of our own team, not a 3rd party supplier. It is rare to get that these days and I certainly haven’t had that for a long time. You have helped deliver one of the most successful European Symposiums the client has had and for us, ensured we had nothing to worry about on the periphery while we delivered this event.

Ben Hawkins

I have worked with Toby and Factor3 on so many occasions over the years and there are many reasons for this. Factor 3 are my first point of contact when planning projects in Spain. It’s so great to work with a team that bring the kind of production values and professionalism that one comes to expect of trusted partners and is always harder to find outside the UK. Since Factor3 is made up of such a talented mix of individuals they have the local knowledge, contacts and above all creativity not only to respond to a brief, but think beyond it and provide much much more. Its not just about that, they add value to what is delivered at every turn and also provide you with peace of mind. A Destination Management Company has too bad a name in my book so I would never describe Factor3 as this, rather I see them as the most trusted and reliable partner to work with in Spain. Factor3 is true enabling partner in event delivery – if you think you know what their areas of expertise are it’s worth asking them again, because they can support events in so many ways

Barbara Brachoss

Ich wollte sagen, was für ein Vergnügen es war, mit Factor 3 und euch beiden zusammen zu arbeiten. Nichts war Ihnen zu viel Mühe, Sie haben die verschiedenen Länder und die vielfältigen Anfragen mit Leichtigkeit, Nachdruck und mit solcher Unterstützung bearbeitet. Es fühlte sich an, als ob Sie alle Teil unseres eigenen Teams waren, nicht eines Drittanbieters. Das ist heutzutage selten und ich habe das sicher schon lange nicht mehr gehabt. Sie haben mitgeholfen, eines der erfolgreichsten europäischen Symposien zu liefern, das der Kunde hatte, und für uns sichergestellt, dass wir uns an der Peripherie während der Durchführung dieser Veranstaltung keine Sorgen machen mussten.

Helfe uns, unsere Zukunft vom Samen zum Baum wachsen zu lassen.

Am 21. März 2012 haben die Vereinten Nationen den Internationalen Tag des Waldes ins Leben gerufen. Wälder bedecken ein Drittel der Oberfläche der Erde und liefern wichtige natürliche Prozesse für die Gesundheit des Planeten. Sie sorgen für saubere Luft und Wasser und...

Factor 3 Events. Declaration of Principles 2020

In der heutigen Zeit, in der der Respekt für Menschen, der Umwelt und dem Tierleben wichtiger ist denn je, halten wir als Factor3 es für richtig, unsere Grundsatzerklärung zu veröffentlichen.  

Nachhaltiges Reiseziel: Sevilla

Die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels werden dramatische Folgen haben und unsere Lebensweise verändern, ganz zu schweigen davon, wie wir den Tourismus erleben. Die Zukunft der Branche konzentriert sich darauf, die Umwelt so wenig wie möglich zu belasten, um das Wenige,...
Sevilla, der glücklichste Ort in Spanien

Sevilla, der glücklichste Ort in Spanien

Wusstet ihr, dass Andalusien zu den 30 glücklichsten Orten der Welt gehört? Obwohl eigentlich Marbella die glücklichste Stadt Südspaniens ist, verdient Sevilla als stolze Hauptstadt ihre gebührende Ehre. Der unnachahmlich freudige und lebendige Charakter dieser Stadt...

Deluxe Camiral buyout for top-end incentive in Girona

In May, Factor 3 Events and our trusted client Penguins, created a home from home at the fantastic Camiral Hotel in Girona for a UK-based management consultancy firm. The guests enjoyed free-range of the hotel, as well as a number of bespoke tours and activities,...
Gala Dinner inMa

Madrid – Latin Street Party

At the beginning of February, after many months of preparation,  Factor 3 Events and our valued client, Touch Associates, delivered a Latin Street party for 500 guests at a spectacular cactus nursery in Madrid. Together we themed over 1,500m2 of venue complete with a...
Gala Dinner in Madrid

Madrid – Events That Matter

This June, Factor 3  worked with Events That Matter to deliver a programme in Madrid for 450 staff and clients of a large international IT company. Factor 3 provided the entertainment and the décor for the Spanish Welcome Function at the Marriott Auditorium hotel as...
Gala Dinner

High end event Bobadilla

When dreams come true. You might have heard it a million times; we made it happen with Touch Associates UK. Our client testifies they lived a dream last weekend. At the most prestigious hotel in the Granada region of Andalucia, our decorator and scenographor worked...
Puente Romano

Enjoying the Costa del Sol, an event for Think TMB in Marbella

 In May 2018, Factor 3 worked with TMB to create a deluxe incentive for their great client, Volvo. 25 guests attended the three-day event at the spectacular Puente Romano Hotel in Marbella, enjoying a morning out on the water on luxury Sunseekers, a paella and...
Gala Dinner at Quinta Jarama

Gala Wines

In May 2018, Factor 3 collaborated with Gala Wines to host a 1000-strong event in Madrid for an IT company. The guests stayed at the Marriott Auditorium where they enjoyed a full programme of meetings, accompanied by a dine-around in central Madrid on the Friday night...


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