About Us

We’re Factor3 Events

We work with events agencies and brands to create stand-out experiences and live events that showcase a side to Spain that is tailored to the end delegates, maximising both engagement and enjoyment.

We are a Destination Management Company, but find that label very restrictive and prefer to think of ourselves as offering Creative Destination Management.

Our Mission

to work in partnership with you to design and produce unique events of the highest quality that are tailored to your group.

Our Passion

to get under the skin of the end delegate, exceed their every expectation and enable them to experience a side to Spain that they will not forget.

Our Focus

being innovative, creative and client-centric. We also pride ourselves on being competitively priced and transparent.

Our Experience

gained by working with both agency and direct clients, for groups from 10 to 4000 pax, extends beyond the range of standard event models and originates from a wealth of industry sectors.

Meet the team

A Little Background…

Factor3 Events was founded in 2004 by a small team of people who had been working together for a large, well-known agency, but who were tired of its constraints and the lack of creative or future thinking. Freed from these restrictions their aim was to create a more bespoke service with a more client-focused approach. Factor 3 Events started with a very modest client base, which grew little by little over the years that followed, mainly via word of mouth. The company ethos today has stayed true to the original aim and it is this, coupled with a unique creative flair that has won and developed the now strong client list which is held today. In recent years, Factor 3 Events has spread the net wider and expanded, now having an international team with experience in all fields. Over the last few years awareness of the brand and its USP has grown, as has the turnover and frequency of large scale and impressive projects. In 2018, the company was awarded the M&IT best DMC award, of which we are extremely proud. The team is led by Barbara Plomer and Toby Kenyon, two of the original founders.