Virtual experiences with Factor 3

Here at Factor 3, we are revving up for the year ahead and the return of live events in the not-too-distant future. We just can’t wait to roll our sleeves up again. With some exciting projects in the diary, we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that, circumstances permitting, we will be able to deliver them and see you all again.

Virtual events have certainly been the way to go for the last few months. We feel that they are here to stay and will support and enhance live events in the future. With this in mind, our team has designed a number of virtual experiences for you. Our hope is that you will find them informative, creative and above all fun; and also a great way to bring teams together even when they are far apart. Here are some fresh ideas that stray away from the norm and will leave guests with a smile on their faces.

Our virtual experiences also make for ideal teasers for groups in the weeks before they start packing their bags to come to Spain. Here are a few for you: Flipping Tortilla – a virtual masterclass sharing the secrets to making the perfect Spanish omelette; How Spanish Are You? – a series of challenges to test your Spanishness and Musical Cocktails – a swinging cocktail-making class.

They’re a great way of bringing teams together, giving people a real taste of Spain from their own living rooms and creating that extra buzz in anticipation of the impending trip.

Don’t miss out!

Featured image by Sigmund.Unsplash.