2020 has been a year that will certainly go down in history. It’s not one that we will forget easily, however much we would like to.

Undeterred, at Factor 3 Events we decided to use our time to get out on the road to talk to our key partners about the future of the events industry in Spain.

So, we created Factor 3 On Wheels; an adventure that takes us around the country on a grand tour, meeting up with people who we have worked with over the past 16 years. It is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues to ask their opinions and share them with you.

We will be publishing the interviews on our social media platforms and here on our website three times a week, so please keep an eye out for insights by industry experts, hotels, venues, caterers, restaurants, entertainers and many, many others.


Before we depart however, there’s just one thing left to do and that is bake

Today we are busy making cookies to take out on the road with us. We wanted to bring a smile to the faces of our key partners by presenting them with a FREE cookie after each interview. Essentially the cookies are named after our mascot, who also features in forthcoming videos, but they are also stress free, pessimism free if not calorie free!

They also happen to be delicious!


See you on the road!


If you fancy making your own Factor 3 Free cookies at home, here is the simple 4-step recipe:


250 g of energetic sugar

250 g of positive butter

1 inspirational egg

500 gr of happy flour

1 pinch of cheerful vanilla

150ºC creative oven



1) Mix the butter and sugar

2) Once creamy add the egg and vanilla

3) Mix in the flour to create a biscuit dough

4) Cut into fun shapes and bake for 12 minutes



Video by Rebecca Tuti

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Starring – F3 Team: Toby Kenyon, Barbara Plomer, Luisa Boix, Marga Alonso and Olga Pallares

Features image by Tobias Weinhold. Unsplash.