On this very important day, we wanted to publish this picture of our team throwing their hats in the air to recreate a symbolic political gesture for women’s rights and gender equality.

The name Sin Sombrero, meaning “Hatless” is extremely significant today, as it refers to a very special group of women in Spain at the beginning of the 20th Century.  

These artists and forward thinkers, accompanied by a group of men, including Salvador Dali, famously removed their hats in public in Madrid’s main square as a symbol of breaking the rules, progress and “lifting the lid” off their heads, to set their ideas and concerns free. This was certainly one of the earliest shows of gender politics in Spain. The battle continues as women still fight to earn equal rights.

If you are visiting Madrid, please let us take you to the stunning restaurant Sin Sombrero, which is bringing the story of these brave women to the present day!