The impact of climate change will have dramatic consequences, and will reshape the way we live our lives, not to mention how we experience tourism. The future of the industry is focused on having as low an impact on the environment as possible, aiming to conserve what little we have, and enhance it. For this, professionals who work in this field need to recalibrate and reconnect with Mother Nature and to become the ambassadors for the Earth.

That’s why we need to look every destination in its best natural way… Visitors, travel industry and everyone who is moving around the globe, is our responsibility to search the best options that are not only environmentally healthy but also social.

This month we want to share the secrets of Seville, the capital of Andalusia in Spain that glitters both for its happiness and also for being a place proud of its local products and full of authentic and sustainable experiences. Here are a few tips if you are visiting Sevilla.

Flight: There have been several improvements by airlines to reduce their carbon footprint. If you can’t use train or ferry you could check websites like Alternative Airlines

Hotel: If you go to Seville and walk around the old town you will see how sustainability has been integrated into old buildings by way of internal patios and the proliferation of plants. One of the most remarkable places for accommodation is Ayre de Sevilla that distinguishes itself from the other hotels in the city for being one of the first hotels in the region to get the ISO 14001 and EMAS certification. Their commitment is reflected in their infrastructure and architecture and engineering solutions but also in their internal policies with employees and clients. They also work with local food suppliers favouring seasonal products.

Our top Sustainable Activity: We invite you to experience shepherding! Shepherds are experts in their craft, guiding livestock to appropriate grazing sites and moving them to new pastures when the time is right. We will follow our shepherd through the Andalusian and Mediterranean landscapes, learning about plants, local vegetables and of course, the peculiar stories of the flock. Goats and sheep make for a greener economy: via the quality and carbon in the soil, water regulation and biodiversity conservation while preventing fire hazards.

At the end of the journey we will taste some extraordinary local cheese with a tasty organic wine!

0km Restaurants: For those who are looking for a healthy and sustainable dinner or lunch we highly recommend a restaurant that is located 15 minute-walk from Ayre de Sevilla, La Bernarda, slow bar.

This new concept gastro-bar is set in a former warehouse that once stored products that arrived from the Americas. The restaurant is named after its historic neighbourhood: San Bernardo. The interior is wonderfully spacious, filled with luscious plants and warmly lit, with lovely features such as the tiled floor and wooden furniture. All this comes together to create an enchanting ambiance, often accompanied by great live music!

La Bernarda is working with local producers ensuring a high quality of food featuring local, seasonal products.