Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Although event lighting is not often top of the list for event planners we certainty believe that it can become the key to any event. Lighting creates atmosphere and gives a polished finish. Through lighting you can create emotions and incredible atmospheres fused with music, video and performance. Lighting is life, lighting is art.

Create dramatic statements with cued lighting to grab your audience and lend excitement!

Using spotlights, stage colour washes, uplighting and gobos can add real wow to your event. However, natural light is in increasing demand for events and the intimacy of candles is still a great way to decorate and create a special atmosphere at your evening events.

Here in Spain light has become a true artistic expression. There are even festivals dedicated to light such as “Llum BCN” in February featuring extraordinary art pieces created with neon, candles, fluorescent paintings, laser experiences and more!


Featured Image: photo by hang niu on Unsplash