Today more than ever it is of utmost importance that we engage with our environment, run to its aid, try to understand it, and cherish it.

The importance of bees in our environment cannot be overstated – they provide more than 80% of all pollination. As a result three quarters of flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables depend on their good work. In other words, they are essential to us. But they are in decline. At Factor 3 Events we are happy to contribute to their future with an exciting and enlightening activity…

The goal of this teambuilding activity is to understand the importance of bees in our environment, helping as volunteers to collect honey from the hives of local producers in locations all over Spain. We can collaborate with different local honey producers throughout the country!


Help our environment by helping a local honey producer and learning the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

Beyond this, guests will also learn about the organisational excellence of bees, providing a fantastic natural example of how teams work together, communicate and create.

Sustainable and teambuilding activity.

In recent years there have been several studies talking about what humans can learn about collaboration from studying bees. They discovered that there are many connections between the ways the bees work and the way we work in an office and even the way we use social media.

For bees, the waggle is an essential approach. A waggle consists of figure-eight dances performed in the mosh pit of honeybees, designed to give direction. The scout bee’s waggle indicates to the rest of the colony where essential resources lie. You may not literally need to communicate by dance, but you can pay attention to communication in your leadership, letting people know where resources are and what is happening.

Once teams have gathered to collect honey, learning the fascinating processes on the way and relating them with their own social network environment, they will create their own honey pot!!

Images: Annie Spratt, Arwin Neil Baichoo, Bianca Ackermann and Kai Wenzel from Unsplash.