While sandwiches are on many Spanish menus, they are not quite the same thing as bocadillos. In Spain, a “sandwich” is made with sliced white bread, or pan de molde and is little more than a light snack.

Another thing altogether is the hearty traditional bocadillo, made with a rustic barra de pan or baguette-style bread loaf. Bocadillos are served everywhere from taverns and bars to cafeterias.

The bocadillo is a real institution in Spain. Parents prepare them for kids for school and adults will often prepare one for their morning snack at work. Despite the many possible fillings, one thing always remains the same: the bocadillo is always accompanied by a serviette and wrapped in tin foil. That’s just how it is!

We have asked to our team what bocadillo is their favourite one! And here are the results:

Bocadillo de Calamar – Squid Bocadillo

The TOP Number 1 Factor 3 Bocadillo comes from the capital, Madrid:  the unique bocadillo de calamares (squid sandwich) made of fresh bread with fried battered squid rings giving a delicious and crunchy experience. Madrileños usually have the bocadillo with a caña and it can be enjoyed at any time of the day: the breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Name it Bikini !

This sandwich looks like a common hot sandwich made of cheese and ham but there is a special story! In our Top Bocadillo’s list we have what in Barcelona we call a Bikini. Not because it’s cut in two pieces like women’s swimwear but also because of a music venue called Bikini, located in the Catalan city. Bikini was opened in 1953 it became popular thanks to the terrace, the music and their signature sandwich a version of the French croque-monsieur.

Oil and chocolate bocadillo – A sweet combination with historical Spanish roots.

We are pretty sure that you can remember your favourite snack made with love by your parents every day before going to school. Well, in the 60’s in Spain this mas most likely the unusual but beautiful combination of bread, chocolate and olive oil. This sweet vintage sandwich is in our TOP 3 Factor 3 Bocadillos too! Simplicity can create a full experience! This is believed to be the most beloved snack by children in the post-war period in the whole country and a deluxe version of it has now found its way onto many gala dinner menus, for dessert of course!