Is Coca-Cola actually Spanish? 

Was Kola-Coca, a drink produced in a small Valencian village, the predecessor to the world-famous soft drink, Coca-Cola?

Almost 140 years ago, in a small Valencian town, a local distillery came up with a formula for  ‘Jarabe Superior de Kola-Coca‘, made from kola nuts and coca leaves from Peru.

The drink became so popular that in 1885, one of the three founders travelled to the US to promote it and present the product to consumers in Philadelphia.  A year later in 1886 in Atlanta, pharmacist John Stith Pemberton invented the famous Coca-Cola.

Coincidence? Who knows? However, the new American drink did contain the same ingredients as our homegrown Kola-Coca, which sadly disappeared from our shelves in the 1950s.

Extract from Historia de Aielo by Toni Barber

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