Street-vendors are a thing of the past – literally. Essentially, from the moment we had streets, we’ve had street vendors. They are a surprisingly ancient feature of civilisation, having served nutritious grub to the hungry masses for centuries. This age-old tradition has steadily become a huge feature of our cosmopolitan present, and it’s safe to say it firmly has its eyes set on the future. They have brought a delicious patchwork of diverse culinary traditions to our streets, allowing us to embrace flavours and traditions from all over the globe, and connecting us in a way that only food can!

Madrid, with its reputation for gastronomic excellence, is exceptionally fertile ground for the food truck phenomenon, and the concept has rapidly gained popularity throughout the whole city.

We too have been utterly taken in by this exciting phenomenon. So much so that we have introduced a fabulously creative activity, dynamically focused around the concept of the food truck. Teams will be tasked with creating their very own ‘food truck’, collaborating imaginatively to design the exterior of the truck, with the aim of achieving a visually ‘look’, and naturally coming up with some devilishly delicious culinary creations….