So, here we go! Today we set off on our Spanish adventure – Factor 3 On Wheels, a tour that will take us around the country talking to key partners about the events industry.

The current situation has us all asking many questions about the future of our sector, so we are on the road to get a wide range of opinions on the subject.

First stop, the smart Mediterranean City of Barcelona! On this trip we talk to industry experts, hotels, venues, caterers and other key partners about the most burning questions.

We’ll be publishing our interviews on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so please keep your eyes peeled! We are learning a lot and want to share it all with you!

Please accompany us on our magical tour as we work our way around this beautiful country on our fascinating fact-finding adventure with bags of great ideas for future events.

Video by Rebecca Tuti

Music by Emit Fenn

Starring – F3 Team: Toby Kenyon, Barbara Plomer, Luisa Boix, Marga Alonso and Olga Pallares

Starring Experts and Partners: Christoph Tessmar, Luis Gómez, Raimond Torrents and Deborah Chicote, Victor Juanto, Monica Rodriguez, Mireia Royo, Raquel Alegría, Neus Tejedor, Mafalda Pigrau, Lorena Bailón, Sandra Martínez, Alison Clark, Antonio Sáez, Angels Puigpey, Sofia Casals, Sonia Ramblas, Sara Berdón, Sara Schiavone, Mela Sfreddo and Kiko Fargas

Featured image by Tobias Weinhold. Unsplash.