Interview with La Llotja de Mar Barcelona

La Llotja de Mar is a truly historical location. Originally an open-air fish market, the site is now home to a fine neo-classical building dating from the 18th century; a modernisation of the earlier medieval construction, which maintains many original features, including the spectacular ground floor gothic ballroom with a capacity for up to 400 guests for a seated dinner.

The building, which once housed the Barcelona Stock Exchange and even an art school, were Picasso attended classes, now holds exclusive events.


Today we are talking to Mafalda Pigrau, chief of staff at the Chamber of Commerce, who tells us about the history of this stunning venue, her favourite event the 080 fashion show, and how La Llotja is reinventing itself.

Interview: Mafalda Pigrau

Video by Rebecca Tuti

Features image by Tobias Weinhold. Unsplash.