Madrid is unequivocally the centre of Spain. Upon arrival one is in absolutely no doubt that this is ‘The Capital’; it is a heady sensation so tangible that one could cut it with a knife, or rather more fittingly, with a Jamonero (knife used for cutting the all-important jamon) –  of which there are definitely no shortage amongst the bountiful bars of the city!

Spain’s capital has long been a destination that no gourmand should miss, celebrated world-wide for its culinary offerings that truly run the gamut – from traditional ‘castizo’ dishes in the ‘oldest restaurant in the world’ to the ridiculous creativity emanating from the 3-Michelin-starred DiverXO, there really is something to tickle everyone’s palette.

Madrid’s infamous nightlife offers much the same sparkling range of attractions (or distractions!), and with more bars than anywhere in the world, it never stops! From world-class opera and tiny authentic Flamenco tablao to industrial techno, there is more than enough to delight.

Here imperial baroque architecture flirts ostentatiously with the austere post-industrial, and proudly distinct barrios, with their often-contradictory personalities, chatter away incessantly, embraced by the many parks and green spaces dotted around the capital.

These diverse elements beautifully express the bold character of this achingly cool and cosmopolitan city. Whether you’re after the Madrid of Almodovar’s fast-talking 80’s melodramas or of Habsburg Empire, you are sure to be mesmerized by this fabulous place.