Once known primarily as the airport-gateway to the Costa del Sol, Malaga has risen like a phoenix, proudly shaking off this dated reputation. Having been thoroughly revamped and reinvigorated, the city is positively radiating elegance, with Malaga’s rich history flirting wonderfully with modernity. The vibrant atmosphere in the city is totally palpable, and it is joyously bursting at the seams with bars and entertainment of every persuasion, that could put bags under eyes of an insomniac madrileño! Malaga now boasts a sleek, state-of-the-art port, an exhilarating culinary scene rapidly garnering acclaim, and a swiftly growing assortment of renowned artistic attractions, such as the magnificent Centre Pompidou. Naturally, the Picasso Museum, and Picasso’s hugely important cultural legacy here remain as popular and downright terrific as ever!

Malaga’s evolution demonstrates a beautiful synergy between its forward-thinking contemporary character and its rich history. The hallmarks of Malaga’s storied past are visible from every angle, from the ancient cobblestones lining the impossibly narrow streets of the Old Quarter to the Roman amphitheatre at the foot of the Moorish citadel of the Alcazaba and the soaring majesty of the cathedral.

Needless to add that given Malaga’s over 300 sunny days a year on average, dazzling array of golden beaches and secluded coves, and its vicinity to many of Spain’s most emblematic areas of natural beauty, there really is no other place to be!