If you´ve survived this long without understanding this difference then I won´t bore you with an explanation now!  But, if you understand that I´m talking about international barcodes then you may be interested to know that Factor 3 have just completed our first retail event thanks to creative UK agency Wolf and White.

We assisted Lex Butler and her team with various areas of delivery for the 1300 pax Redken Symposium on Tour 2016, including 12 dinners for the various countries involved.  These ranged in number from 20-160 delegates and utilised some of our favourite restaurants across Barcelona.

From a logistics perspective, we put together a team of 16 staff to execute 75 transfers inc coaches and VIP cars both to and from the airport, hotels, dinners and CCIB – the main event venue.

For the Symposium itself, we provided a green-screen photobooth with automatic tweeting capabilities to synch with the Media totum, which housed 1 of the DJs that we supplied to support the main act – a beautiful Redken muse!  We hand-picked a registration team of 5 who assisted with the usual remit of admittance, badging, cloakroom, directions etc…  And beyond this a team of 5 retail staff for the ´gallery´ to help with the stocking and selling of products.  Touchscreen tills with bar code scanners and PDQ machines were also arranged by Factor 3.  Both Tills and PDQs are confusingly known as TPVs in Spanish – just why, I´m still not sure (?¿?) , but rest assured if you have Factor3 on your side you can concentrate on telling your EANs from your UPCs and leave the complex matter of the TPVs to us.