Learning about beer and food can be a ton of fun. One of our greatest passions at Factor 3 is the Spanish food scene.  As an old adage goes: “To cure yourself of any complaint, don’t waste money on spas & travel, just stay at home, avoid spice and wine, drink good old beer.” And it’s true, beer is the only alcoholic beverage with vitamins!


Even though The World Beer Awards still consider German beer at the top of their list, Spain is not far behind! If you are coming to Spain and want to know about the best beers in the country check out our list!

A truly Catalan brand


Moritz is a Pilsner larger brewed in Barcelona. It has become quite readily available throughout Spain however, and is a popular tipple throughout the country. This brand has also its own restaurant and venue in the Sant Antoni district.  It’s industrial feel makes it perfect for funky events

For some years now there has also been an explosion of craft beers in Catalonia, if you have the chance we highly recommend Hopiness in Poble Nou district.

The authentic Madrid afterwork drink


If you had to choose one area in Spain for exploring the craft beer scene, Madrid would be the perfect option. The hedonistic side of Madrileño population is well known. They usually enjoy a couple of beers with friends and workmates at the end of the day. One of the top beers in the capital is Mahou, but if you fancy discovering new tastes you can visit El Sainete, a modern craft brewery and restaurant with 4 different areas.

Don’t forget your tapa!


Andalusia is world famous for the superior quality of its sherries, but what about beer? Andalucian beers have a quality that merits a more discerning palate.

The most popular brands of lager in Andalucía are San Miguel, Cruzcampo and Alhambra.  Moreover, Victoria beer is synonymous with Malaga and is even named after the city’s patron saint.

If you are visiting the south of Spain you might enjoy a free tapa every time you ask for your beer!

Images by George Cox, Wil Stewart and Helena Lopes. Unsplash

Featured image by Timothy Dykes. Unsplash