The Costa del Sol’s reputation as a luxury destination is absolutely indisputable. Beyond the fabulous climate that accompanies the area, as well as its gastronomic and cultural variety, Malaga and Marbella are vibrant bastions of authenticity, allowing tourists and locals alike to engage and indulge in their deepest traditions.

Malaga is surrounded by an absolutely stellar array of varied and beautiful landscapes. Connect with nature by visiting the sublime mountains of Malaga or taking in the astounding canyon of the “Caminito del Rey”, to name a few of the many the impressive sights. Enjoy the area’s spectacular history through its fabulous art and monuments, such as the recently acquired Centre Pompidou and of course the Picasso Museum.  The artsy area of Soho itself is worth a visit in its own right – fantastically vibrant, and hosting a surfeit of creative spaces, exciting events, and delicious eateries, it is absolutely an on-trend destination.

However, there is a growing phenomenon based on the need to access varied environments not only exclusively, but in a manner that transcends the traditional. Achieving a memorable experience is only possible when the human factor enters into it. This is what Manuel, local fisherman from the port of Malaga, allows us to experience when we step aboard his fishing boat, greeted with a smile that reminiscent of a mischievous child. He lovingly prepares his nets, not missing a single detail, while regaling us with stories of his fascinating experiences.

The boat heads off on its journey into deeper waters just as the waves begin to dance. The traditional art of simply fishing with a net is in many ways an artform that nowadays few people know. The first shipment is fruitful, and Manuel lovingly shows us his catch, pointing out the various shimmering species and even letting us into some of his trade-secrets.

Once the expert fisherman’s expectations are met, he skilfully manoeuvres the boat into the charming port of Estepona, masterfully seeking out his mooring with the eyes of a hawk. He invites us to engage in the bustling activity at the foot of the dock: the unloading and sorting of the fish, and the intricate work of un-tangling and weaving the elaborate nets used by the master-fisherman.

Our last stop is La Lonja where the fish is to be auctioned in a truly sublime show not just of the beautiful and bountiful fish, but of authentic Malagueño character, equal parts charming rogue and savvy businessman. The merchants observe while the fishermen sing their wares in quintessentially Andalusian style, their precious, glittering products waiting for the highest bidder!

With mornings as impressionable as this, imagine how the rest of the day will be! It will prove impossible not to be absolutely floored by the exciting possibilities this area offers.