The Creative Factor: Toby Kenyon

Creative Director

Hailing from England, Toby acquired a taste for Spain and all things Spanish while spending a couple of years in Valencia in the late 80s. He then taught Spanish at University Level in London before upping sticks and leaving for sunnier shores. On arrival in 2001, he switched teaching Spanish to English and one of his first clients was the HR Manager for a large DMC... One of life’s little twists and the rest is history!

Toby´s biggest loves are music and theatre and he has an imagination and flare for the dramatic that left to run wild would rival that of the creative greats of our time!

He hates doing the same thing twice and ensures that each event has a unique element. He is most proud of the growth of Factor 3 to a solid and respected brand; a competitive spirit, he adores nothing more than the challenge of pitching against large and established agencies. Toby really is the life of the party and our expert on excitement.