Meet the Team

Our People

form a talented, multinational team who not only have the connections and experience to deliver exceptional, detailed and dynamic events but who also speak your language, share your culture and have stood in your shoes. We don't believe in being just your supplier, we understand your needs and prefer to work collaboratively as an extension of your team. We will always be honest with you, at Factor3 pre-empting problems is as fundamental as maintaining a fixed eye on the details.

The Greater Factor3 Team

being a small agency means we can hand-select the right team for each project, not only from the Factors above but also from our trusted network of freelancers and suppliers who form the larger Factor3 family.

Our Partners

Our key partners are:

The DMC Advantage – our representation agents in the UK
Barcelona Convention Bureau – no explanation required

none  none

We are also proud of our network of local providers accross Spain, of which there are unfortunately too many to mention here.