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Case Study - Creative Entertainment

The Challenge
One element of a much larger pitch to agency ETM for their client Symantec’s annual presence at virtualization event VMWorld Europe, was to design a party for 1000 pax that was relevant and unique.

Excited by this opportunity for creativity Factor3 created the concept ‘CONNECT’, a physical embodiment of the multifaceted virtual social revolution, such as instantaneous communication, and multimedia expression. A large social network in which the guests could connect and interact without missing out on what was happening in other areas of the party, thanks to the use of new technologies.

The Experience
Guests were welcomed and encouraged to participate in the various zones by leather-clad, i-pad wielding webmistresses, meanwhile tech wizards also surprised and delighted. A 10m digital wall was the focal point of the main area, displaying a live feed where guests could tweet their comments, photos and videos. My Music (DJ and mixing activity), My Photos (photo-call and separate feed to the wall forming the Symantec logo from smaller pictures), My Videos (enjoyment and creation of ‘funnies’) and My Friends (chill out and games zone) completed the fun. The crescendo of the evening came when the wall was removed to reveal the technology beneath - a great percussion band that lead all the guests in a drumming activity that connected them by the same beat!

The Verdict
´Just wanted to say a huge thanks, it has been great to work with such professionals, and particularly pulling together the content and animations for the screen, your teams were fabulous! Everyone did a great job, the music was fab and the guys loved producing their own tracks! The webmistresses were fab, very cyber! Great job on the food, some great photos on the night, the youtube clips were great and really got people giggling! I hope you can all manage a few days rest now!´Laura Hooper, Event Producer, Events that Matter ´